sharn-professional-pictureHello, my name is Sharn Kennedy and I’m a journalism/business graduate from Griffith University majoring in international relations and marketing. I’m using this site to showcase my journalism portfolio, essays I’ve done in the past, outline my ambitions for the future and give potential employers an insight into who I am. 

In the past, I’ve worked in numerous roles such as a journalist for the Griffith publications The Source News and Griffiti, communications officer for the corporate affairs team at CSIRO and even as a campaign coordinator for The Wilderness Society. 

It was throughout this I developed strong interests in international relations, environmental conservation, the role of social media in shaping discourse in our societies and the differences in cultures across the world. It was through these interests, experiences throughout life and insatiable curiosity that inspired me to pursue a career in journalism.

The reasons for this include witnessing first-hand how proper journalism can fight injustices across the world, the importance of recording events from an unbiased perspective so that future generations can learn from history, holding a deep respect for those who are willing to sift through the muddiest of rhetoric so that people can be properly informed of the world around them and simply because at the end of the day it makes me happy knowing I’m part of this field.

This decision is easily one of the best choices I’ve made as I was instantly drawn to the field throughout university as it resonated with my personality and offered me countless opportunities for me to pursue the topics I’m passionate about.

Unfortunately, it was during my final year at university that I also witnessed a rapid decline in public confidence in the profession of journalism as click-bait, ideological entrenchment and the business model’s of media organisations continue to deteriorate our commitment to serving in the public’s interest. 

Regardless, I’m dedicated to pursuing a career in the field of journalism with aspirations to mend people’s trust in the media through holding my own conduct and those in power to the highest of standards, even if I would normally agree with them on certain issues. I believe it’s only through this, and journalists realising that the power to influence public discourse is in their ability to point out the fallacies of those on all sides of the ideological spectrum and to argue for what’s in the public’s interest. 

I’ll be using this website to showcase my journalism portfolio, along with reflections on previous roles to demonstrate my writing styles and experiences. 

In the past, I’ve written for CSIRO’s ECOS, AAA backstage, Griffiti and The Source News


Out in the field photographing CSIRO’s researchers in action

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