Here I’ll be showcasing my journalism portfolio and reflections on past roles I’ve held. Included in this list are stories covering how climate change is threatening the future of islands in the Pacific Ocean, the argument of using nuclear energy to offset fossil fuels and how your household pet can be used to fight depression.

The articles you see below are all my original pieces, with more to come as I continue to publish articles in Australia and in Europe during 2018.


The Nuclear Dilemma – The Source News
“The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.”

The shores of Tuvalu – The Source News
“It was then I realised just how serious climate change really was and that it could take my home away if I didn’t do anything.”

The Great Australian Plight  – The Source News
“There will be a long line of oil-drilling companies that want to get into that marine park and drill for profit, putting at risk the local fishing industries, putting at risk the protected marine life and indeed putting at risk the very important tourism industry which is a key aspect of South Australia’s economy.”

Walking the Black Dog – The Source News
From our police force to the farms and even helping the visually impaired man’s best friend knows no bounds to love and how they can affect our lives.

Say Penguin! Our gigapixel camera gets up close and personal – CSIRO’s blog
“These are in turn joined into a terabyte-sized time-lapse movie. You can zoom to any part of the movie, say into a single nest, with the same resolution as if you were looking at it through powerful binoculars.”

How researchers are mapping an invasive species advancing across an entire region – CSIRO’s blog
“Researchers are currently working on the most efficient way to halt the spread of the invasive species, including using break-through technologies to map where it occurs and the rate at which Gamba grass is advancing across Northern Australia.”



The Wilderness Society – Internship, Trimester 2
The opportunity to do an internship at The Wilderness Society was an incredibly rewarding experience, which allowed me to gain experience in another area of communications/environmental conservation in which I had no prior experience.

Cadetship at CSIRO
The chance to work at one of Australia’s most reputable research organisations was an amazing experience where I utilised the knowledge gained through university and applied it to projects which contributed to the long-term prosperity of some of Australia’s biggest industries.